Nearly loosing you.

I was scared to tell anyone. It had been happening for months, 5 to be specific. I was to scared to tell anyone not because I figured he would hurt me. But because I knew him before the drugs. I knew him before the drinking. I knew him when we had similar dreams, hopes, goals. When we wanted something more similar. Lately he’d become a different person. The person he’d always been. But the person I hadn’t seen. I loved him. In the strongest way. We had a child together, we were pretty newly married, and I was pregnant. I’d told him to stop. He didn’t see an issue with his actions. I started bleeding a lot. Constantly doctors telling me I had a hemorrhage, finally one Dr. I had seen a few times got brave and said to me “you don’t have to tell me what’s happening to you; but if it doesn’t stop you’re going to loose your baby”. I told him she said that hoping and praying the idea of loosing our baby would stop him. It didn’t he assaulted me again that night. The next day while working I told him that he was raping me. He said “ you can’t rape your wife.” That was my moment the moment I realized he genuinely didn’t realize how his actions were wrong. I went to my families to hang out and ended up confessing to my father because I was out of options at that point and scared to loose my pregnancy. Instantly he made me call the police. At 9:30 pm on that cold night my whole life changed. My ex husband slept over someone’s house that night since I said I was staying with my family. And I didn’t even up sleeping that night. I went to two different police stations. Talking to countless police and than finally a judge who granted me my restraining orders right away. AS A VICTIM HAVING THE POLICE BELIVE ME WAS AMAZING BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS HEAR ABOUT THE OTHER SIDE: disbelieving. He was served at 3:30 AM wasted and probably high at a friends moms house. Just a few hours later he went to my home where I was on my way too with our first child and stole my dog and TRASHED my apartment. I passed him and saw my dog in the back seat. I called the police. He was arrested 27 mins exactly later. The police brought me back my beautiful dog. His whole family watched him be cuffed and stuff. HE DIDNT TELL ANYONE WHAT HAD BEEN HAPPENING. when he got there he said I was busy. Not that he was in trouble. They all called yelling at me I was a horrible, lying, disgusting person. Nobody knew anything. But they automatically assumed I had lied.

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      1. I have an emerging blogger series on my site that includes guest posts from new bloggers. It would be great to have you contribute a post at some point, and that could be a way of getting your blog in front of more people.


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